In this phase we take time to listen carefully and focus on the entirety of your ideas, goals, and budget to have an overall and good understanding of your projections. We look into any challenges and identify options that might allow us to make your vision a reality. The we draw out a bold plan of execution.


Our Design process is unique. We believe having the perfect foundations for your business and branding needs is important. This is why we start with the name of your company to make sure it is designed for success. 20% of businesses fail within the first year another 45% within 5 years. What could they be doing wrong. We brand all aspects of your business for success.


We legalize your business, and make it corporate ready. All your corporate documents are established with shares if necessary to give you a competitive edge. Every step is taken to allow you to maximize your revenue by aligning you with the best CPA and tax firm in the country, while providing materials that allow you to understand the best business options for success.

IT & Support

We develop your IT infrastructure that allows you to have a professional front that is customer ready. From the hosting of your company sites on top tier servers, to limitless emails connected to your business that can be the negotiation tools for your business, to all the branding materials we get all this implemented.