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It derives from all the number components of the Universe, the energy signatures connected to planetary influences, and to the individual based on very unique metaphysical definitions and insights.
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Below is a few of brand name meanings that are exact descriptions of the brand names shown under the number calculation.
There are over 90 name calculations that have unique meanings and directions. This list does not offer all. However, this gives you an understanding of what our proprietary brand naming science can accomplish for your brand because we know how every individual brand resonates to bring success. If you would like a complete breakdown of your name meaning simply book a consultation call on the link above and we would analyse what your name means as a complementary offer.
1 (Leadership) and 4 (organization) adding to a 5 (mercantile activity). 14s will succeed in any commercial venture that they start. An over-confident and extremely ambitious nature should be curbed. If not, there can be humiliating losses. This number has a dual meaning. It signifies adaptation and consolidation. But the other meaning is risk and danger, if matters go out of hand. Satisfaction should result from what you have got, not from getting everything that is out there. Exercise prudence and caution always, and restraint at times. Else, the best laid plans of mice and men can go awry. Personal relationships cause difficulties and heartaches. Moderation and a sense of balance can create a well rounded being. They are popular despite their eccentricities. Movement…Challenge Magnetic communication with the public through writing, publishing, and all mediarelated matters is associated with the 14. Periodic changes in business and partnerships of all kinds are usually beneficial. Dealing with speculative matters brings luck; likewise, movement and travel associated with combinations of people and nations can be fortunate. However, both gains and losses are sometimes temporary, due to the strong currents of change, which are ever-present. 14 warns of danger from accidents related to natural elements, i.e.: fire, flood, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, tempests, and so forth. (This is not an absolute, merely a warning to be cautious.) There is risk involved in depending on the word of those who misrepresent a situation. It's a mistake to rely on others. Rely on the intuition, the self, the voice within. The "luck" of 14 includes money dealings and speculative projects, or "betting," but there's always a danger of loss due to wrong advice from others, or overconfidence. This is a karmic number. There are lessons to be learned or there will be accidents, losses in business and in friendships. It is known as the number of experiences, for its possessor learns no other way. The 14 must learn self-control of all physical appetites and temper. They can become too involved in physical sense pleasures and that could bring about health problems. The 14’s have sharp mental faculties and enormous energy. It helps them a great deal to study philosophical truths to balance out their emotional energies. The 14’s are enticed by anything they feel can bring them a moment’s JOY (14) or FUN (14). They are too EASY (14), will WED (14) on impulse and later regret it. In Genesis it is the serpent who tempts EVE (14). To us, a serpent is a snake, and SNAKE totals 14. Its full number is 50, which shows it to be highly intelligent. A SAGE (14) is one who has gained complete control of the senses, and is on the spiritual path.
One of my personal favorites! People with these names struggle early on, but will eventually reach a top position. 37s are endowed with charming personalities. The ability to lead, and to maintain a distinct personal touch is prominent. They chalk out plans that are well beyond known capabilities, and will succeed because they have genuine friends. They know what they want, and they go out and get it! Clarity in thought and speech. Amazing enthusiasm & charisma, they are the center of attention in large groups. Upfront in all dealings. It's a great name for those with a prominent 1. A superb number for business partnerships, it fosters healthy communication and prevents backstabbing. Astra Zeneca, American Idol, China Mobile, Merrill Lynch, Bill Clinton, Julia Roberts, Michael Dell, Michael Caine, Jamie Foxx, Richard Pratt, Sean Penn, Avril Lavigne, Sheryl Crow, Paul Giamatti, Michael Mann, Saif Al Ghurair, Tata Motors, Sunil Gavaskar, Javagal Srinath, Anil Kapoor, Medha Patkar & APJ Abdul Kalam typify this name.
Knowledge, wealth and respect will pursue the holder of this name. Acuity and energy are the chief attributes here. If 46 uses his many talents, he will be known internationally. Known for his integrity and reasoned judgment. Nothing can confuse the man! Will be sought after for his opinion, to bring matters to an arbitrated conclusion. Renders decisions that are both fair and insightful. This is a brilliant name for those with an important 1 in the birth date. Well balanced life at home. NR Narayanamurthy, Subhash Chandra, Kumar Mangalam Birla, Mohammed Rafi, Shahid Kapoor, Jack Nicholson, Chris Cooper, Holly Hunter, John Travolta, Gwen Stefani, Peter Jackson, Keshub Mahindra, Mark Zuckerberg, Vladimir Putin , Nicolas Sarkozy, Abigail Johnson, Albert Einstein, Honda Motor & AOL Time Warner are all 46s.
The most influential name that adds up to 6. 51 is comprised of the two most active, aware numbers. Intrepid & ready to take the world head on. Brilliant leaders, others will draw from their courage and scale great heights themselves. Untiring in task completion. Truck loads of stamina and strength! Great moral fiber and superb health. They are the pillar of any family or organization. They are surprisingly polite and easy to get on with. Proof that one doesn't need to antagonize others in order to show one's mettle. A name that brings in health & wealth. Suitable for all except 3s. Berkshire Hathaway, Lockheed Martin, Nelson Mandela, Colin Powell, Margaret Thatcher, Roman Abramovich, Roberto Benigni, Oprah Winfrey, Mikhail Gorbachev, Michelle Williams, Benazir Bhutto, Deepak Chopra & Lakshmi Narain Mittal, are prominent 51s. This number possesses a strong potency of its own. It's associated with the nature of the warrior, and promises sudden advancement in whatever one undertakes. It is especially favorable for those who need protection in military or naval life, and for the leaders of any "cause" unrelated to war. Yet, it also brings the threat of dangerous enemies and the possibility of attempted assassination; therefore, it is clearly wise, should the name equal 51, to change the spelling to equal a safer Compound number--and forget the glory.